Advanced Technology

Tyrrell Software is proud to join the MedEDocs group of documentation technology offerings. From dictation and transcription to digital delivery, EMR integration, bioinfomrmatics and quality metrics. We have you covered.

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Let us help you design and implement your information solution. We offer a complete range of products and services. We can tool your department or provide outsourcing.

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We offer powerful statistical analysis tools. Identify trends and Develop forecast models.

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Better Results

Help Realize the savings and efficiencies promised by your technology vendors. You were promised more text at less cost using fewer individuals, however, the errors introduced by bad dictators, Voice Recognition or untrained scribes wildly effect those efficiencies. It takes 4 times longer to fix an error than to prevent an error.

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Quality Assurance

Quality communication results in better quality of care. Our Quality Audit system helps to quickly identify the source of errors, omissions, and bottlenecks.

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Check out our amazing family of documentation and productivity software.

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